NBC’s lead pastor Jock and his wife Cathy have made it their life’s mission to serve humanity, with a love for those who have lost hope. They were called by God early in life to serve Him.

Jock’s early years started as a youth Leader. He has been a senior pastor, lecturer, academic dean, mission agency director and was a transitional pastor at Rotorua Baptist. His travels have taken him to many countries and worked with numerous international teams. He has found time for study including degrees in commerce, commercial law, ministry and a masters in New Testament. 

 Jock and Cathy served 19 years with WEC International.

Jock left a successful law practice in 1987, he has served in mission and church for the past 32 years. He is a thought leader on charity governance, leadership, mission and church. He has served on the Board of Wycliffe Bible Translators NZ since 2007, and served on the Leadership Team for WEC Aotearoa New Zealand from 2004-2016. As well as NBC Lead Pastor he is a mentor and consultant.

Jock championed the Te Hahi initiative here in Napier with local Pastors and Hawkes Bay police. Te Hahi will provide support to the HB community and NZ Police especially around family harm and violence. 
Read more about Te Hahi here.

Jock and Cathy have a family of eight, who continue to grow their family with eleven grandchildren. Down-time includes spending time at the beach, reading, walking the dog and for Jock tinkering with cars.